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At First Priority we specialize in the removal and exclusion of bats and their colonies from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties. We practice only humane bat removal techniques that are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe. Specializing, sanitizing, & removing bat droppings & debris as best as possible.

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Bats are an important part of the ecosystem

Bats play an extremely important role in our ecosystem and can consume thousands of mosquitos a night. We carefully remove bats and relocate them, so they can continue to help our environment.

Detail oriented

After we have removed your unwanted guests, our expert technicians identify and seal even the smallest access points, doors and all possible entryways.

Professional services

Let our detailed oriented and professional team inspect your property today and determine the population level to determine what your best treatment options are. We offer you an upfront estimate and warranty information.


- Conduct a Thorough Site Inspection to Identify All Entry Points

- Approximate the Population Level

- Install One-Way Exclusionary Doors at All Entry Points

- Seal All Secondary Entryways

- Remove All One-Way Exclusionary Doors & Seal Areas Once All Bats Are Out


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